About GLV-IX

State stock company Latvian Radio and Television Centre (hereafter - LVRTC) is a 100% state owned company that is tasked to ensure that everyone in Latvia is able to receive and transmit information quickly and securely. According to the Electronic Mass Media Law, the shares of the LVRTC may not be disposed. LVRTC operates the Government of Latvia Internet Exchange (GLV-IX) with the aim to improve the internet connectivity in Latvia. LVRTC is committed to support the local internet ecosystem of Latvia and to operate GLV-IX on neutral, not-for-profit basis.

GLV-IX is a national internet exchange point located in multiple POPs throughout the territory of Latvia. GLV-IX has an open joining policy for members and welcomes large and small networks to join. The aim of the IX is to improve local internet connectivity within Latvia.

GLV-IX Benefits

GLV-IX privedes its members technical and operational benefits. Any single benefit can provide an advantage for the internet community in Latvia.

  • Local exchange of Internet traffic results in lower transit costs and reduced latency. Improves internet connectivity, speed and affordability to providers and end users.
  • Provides additional paths for traffic to pass between Latvian networks and reduces single points of fail.
  • Improved availability of Latvian internet resources. Provides additional connectivity to Internet resources in Latvia in addition to connectoins provided by ISP.
  • By having Latvian networks interconnected locally in Latvia, we can reduce the route of the packet, so that it never needs to leave the country, in order the arrive at the intended destination.
  • Make Latvia more independent and self-sufficient in Internet connectivity.

Points of Presence (POPs)

GLV-IX currently operates two POPs in Riga :

  • Zakusalas krastmala 1 (Riga TV Tower)
  • Talejas iela 1 (VID)
Regional POPs (planned):
  • Rigas iela 95, Valmiera (Valmiera TV Tower)
  • Drujas iela 38a, Daugavpils (Daugavpils TV Tower)
  • Gertrudes iela 18, Ventspils (Ventspils TV Tower)
  • Celtnieku iela 6/8, Liepaja (Liepaja TV Tower)