GLV-IX Services

Connectivity / Ports

GLV-IX offers variety of ports for connectivity options.

Speed Connection Fee Monthly Fee Availability

100G Free Free Riga PoPs
40G Free Free All PoPs
25G Free Free All PoPs
10G Free Free All PoPs
1G Free Free All PoPs

Only fiber connections are supported. Optics on GLV-IX side and fiber cross connect are included.

Multicast services are not supported.

Public Peering LAN

Trough the Public Peering LAN, the entities connected to GLV-IX platform can freely exchange data traffic through the infrastructure using Ethernet technology and IP(v4/v6) protocols. To facilitate traffic exchange GLV-IX operates route servers allowing direct interconnection with all members. The public peering LAN of GLV-IX spans all GLV-IX points of presence. By default, all members are connected to the public peering LAN and are assigned IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for each connection (physical or bundle). Those addresses are used to establish mandatory eBGP sessions and exchange routing tables with GLV-IX route servers and can also be optionally used to peer with other GLV-IX members. The use of BGP protocol is mandatory on peering LAN.

Route Servers

In order to remove the need for bilateral, direct peerings, GLV-IX operates multiple route servers to facilitate exchange of routing information between the members on the public peering LAN. The route servers simplify the BGP control plane, as each member only peers with the route servers instead of maintaining separate BGP peerings with each member it needs to exchange traffic with. For traffic between GLV-IX members, the route servers appear transparent as they do not appear in the AS path and do not change next-hop of the prefixes. They also do not participate in the dataplane of the traffic. The use of route servers is mandatory for GLV-IX members.

Rack Space

Members can use a limited and reasonable (typically 1-2RU) amount of GLV-IX rack space for their telecommunications equipment, which is necessary for connecting to GLV-IX and serves no other purpose. Members must not in any way interfere with equipment and/or cabling owned by other members and installed at GLV-IX without the explicit permission of the member who owns the equipment. Members will not have physical access to any equipment located at GLV-IX, including their own, without the prior agreement of GLV-IX.

Fiber Access

GLV-IX PoPs are located in VAS "LVRTC" data centers. Vast fiber connectivity options are possible from them using LVRTC or third-party fiber networks.